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     forthcoming at Economics Letters

College Major and Female Labor Supply (with Jihye Kam)
     "Strategic, Policy and Social Innovation for a Post-Industrial Korea," edited by Joon Nak Choi, Yong Suk Lee, and Gi-Wook Shin, Routledge, Ch.6

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2016, 31(6), 1120-1139.
     this paper is based on, but with significant revision, the first chapter of my thesis 
     titled “Preferences and Choice Set Constraints in Marital Sorting.”

    (with Seokjin Woo, and Kyunghee Kimonline appendix
    Economics Letters, 2015, 137, 195-199.

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    earlier version of this paper was circulated as NBER WP# 17340

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Overeducation in the Korean Labor Market: Evidence from Young Workers (with Sungjin Cho)
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Self-Control and Provision of Education Subsidies
    Journal of Economic Research, May 2012, 61-76.

Working Papers
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College Admissions as Non-Price Competition (with Christopher Avery and Alvin Roth)
    [version 2014, NBER WP# 20774]

All or Nothing? The Impact of Gender Composition on Effort and Academic Achievement 
    (with Lesley Turner, Seokjin Woo, and Kyunghee Kim)
    [version 2014, NBER WP# 20722]

Impact of Economics Crisis on Fertility and Birth Outcomes (with Chiara Orsini)

Endogenous Market Formation: Theory and Evidence from the Student-College Matching in Chile 
   (with Ricardo Espinoza and Hector Lopez)

Does Collaboration Improve Female Representation in Academic Fields? 
   (with Ben Malin)